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Go to Bianca's for Random Friday!

If you're up for some fun, wacky playing with a small plot hook, go to Biancas and try out our new feature: Random Events!

The Rules are as usual for Bianca's, and you can play simply by responding to the post as your character!

RP update

Hello players. Just to let you know stuff will happen on the RP very soon - it's not forgotten. I'll post here when it does, but I suspect Friday or Saturday next week.

New players

Welcome new players!

tardiscrash is Donna and Lucy Saxon
i_id/youwiththeears is AU!Nine
thinkatory is Eleven.

I've sent you all DW codes from my stash (very awesomely it says the Doctor has invited you, but really it was just me). Please set up a dreamwidth account for your character/characters (Ryan, you might need to send yourself another DW code after set-up, or give me an alternate email address. I don't really understand how DW works). Then you need to join [community profile] biancas and hopefully we'll have something for you and the previously established players to do very soon.

Applications closing today

Applications close today. So far I've had applications from:


and thinkatory's comment has been eaten. Was your comment eaten? If you're not on the list and you tried to comment, please comment again/here to let me know. More applications still welcome, obviously.

Applications round whatever closing soon

Get your applications in while they're hot!

Deadline: 1st March.

Applications Round... something

I like to do things quickly or I forget.

Do you like to pretend to be a Doctor Who character in a friendly Dreamwidth type environment? If so - please apply below. Now is the time.

These characters are already in play (please don't ap them)Collapse )

If you played one of the above characters and are now planning to resign, please comment to this post. Everyone else - you may apply for any other character in the Whoniverse. To do this, simply fill out the form and submit it in a comment. All comments will be screened.

1st of MARCH.

After that I will assign characters, give you DW codes, etc.

If you applied under the previous regime please resubmit your application - but let me know that you've been waiting. You will be given preference. Here is the list of potentially apped characters (you may not want to apply for them, I don't know)Collapse )


Mod announcement

Unfortunately, it looks as if the plans we had for a plotted game will not go along as quickly as we hoped.

It might still happen at a later point when the mods have more time to devote to it, especially if it turns out that people are still enthusiastic about playing. For the time being, we'll restrict ourselves to trying to re-vitalise Biancas for casual play. To add a bit of spice to the otherwise fairly pointless play in Biancas, we'll introduce a new thing: Random Events. This means that things (random things, like a rain of fish) will happen in Bianca's, and your characters will have the chance to react.

If you have a character already, and want to play at Bianca's, you can of course do so at any time.

Despite this semi-hiatus, you may expect an App Post brought to you by new co-mod aralias in the near future - maybe an influx of new players and characters will raise the fun levels of our RP!


Do you think the suggested RP rules will work?

No, and I've told you what could be better in comments.

Are you okay with this backstory?

Not really, but I think I can play with it.
No, and I've given helpful suggestions in comments.
No, and I'm not going to play with this backstory!

Everyone seems to be fine with the suggested RP rules, which is great, but just to be sure, a poll (I love to be really, really sure. I am an anxious mod.)


Now this is the bit where I'm sure people are not going to be happy - I'm not quite happy with this backstory, either (tbh, I would never ever use this in a fic. It's as bland as only the result of a majority vote could be). But we had votes and this reflects the fanon desired by the majority of players (in some cases, it had to be tweaked a little so the backstory as a whole doesn't contradict itself). If you think we made a mistake in analyzing the polls (which might be the case) or can think of a way to improve the end result, tell us!

Please note: for game purposes, we'll all have to subscribe to this version of events, no matter what out own personal fanon may be.

Backstory for all Doctor and Master playersCollapse )

Please Discuss: Rules & Game Mechanics

Now we get to the serious wrangling. It's a long post - in fact, it's like the small print that no one ever reads when you install a new program on your computer. But please, don't just check the ticky box that says "I agree", or I'll guarantee you'll end up wishing you'd spoken up now at some point.

These rules are only a first draft. We don't know if they'll work like this. So please, give us constructive criticism now, ask questions, suggest additions or simplifications.

The post boils down to this:
1) Rules on godmodding
2) Mod powers
3) Minimum tag length
4) Fair play
5) Rules for psychic powers
6) Rules for technology
7) Rules for time travel
8) Game mechanics

1) Thou Shalt Not God Mode
Old hands at online roleplaying will know this one, but it bears repeating: godmodding is evil. Everyone will hate you if you do it, and repeated failure to avoid it can result in being banned from the game.
What is godmodding?Collapse )

You are playing your character and only your character. You cannot decide what other Player Characters do.

This also means that you can't write from any POV but your own. ExampleCollapse )

You are also not omniscient: as a Player, you may well have read every post in the game ever, and you know exactly that Ainley!Master has made an evil pact with Omega, but Two, who is your character, does not know this, and will have no reason not to trust them.

2) So who is god if I'm not?

Deep down, you always suspected this: the mod is god. However, we mods will strive to be benevolent, anti-authoritarian hippy parents to you all whereever possible. If you think we're being mean, or just wrong, tell us so in a PM or a mail or a post in the_imperiatrix. However, you should always remember that as mods, we will sometimes play characters, too (for example the Guardians) and those characters may be dicks, but that doesn't mean we are. Please be as nice to us as you are to each other.

Like a story, a game is set in a fictional world. The task of the mods is, among other things, to create that world so you can play in it. This means that in doubt, we are the ones who decide how this world works. Somebody has to, otherwise there will be no consistency.

3) The Bare Minimum

Minimum length of tagsCollapse )

As a rule of thumb, try to write at least one small paragraph.

4) Fair Play

The dark side of gamingCollapse )

Be considerate to each other! Always remember that gaming should be fun for everyone.

5) Psychic Powers and Me

All Time Lords have psychic powers, and to make playing simpler, and avoid godmodding, we will have to agree on the extent of those powers.

What you can doCollapse )

6) My Magical Plot Solving Machine

Yes, you have a sonic screwdriver and you're a whiz kid with technology. But while your standard human companion will make adoring eyes at you when you explain to them that you have built this Magical Plot Solving Machine in three minutes from stuff you found in your cell (straw, and more straw), the Master will just laugh at you and call you on your bullshit.

Technological solutionsCollapse )

7) To Blinovitch or Not to Blinovitch

This is the trickiest part of our game: temporal mechanics. Who canon is not consistent about how time travel works, what causes a paradox, etc. For our purposes, the laws of time travel will be fluid: sometimes, unexpected things will happen, and your characters will never entirely be sure what the consequences of changing history might be. There are, however, a few ground rules:

Rules for time travelCollapse )
Basically, any action involving time travel will be a bit like rolling a dice: there's an element of chance and uncertainty, but there will be consquences (even if the consquences are just that the Time Lords show up and tell you off). We encourage you to take the risk!

8) But how do I play?

Game mechanicsCollapse )

ETA: Sorry for that shitty poll. Just tell us your thoughts in comments or PMs to roachpatrol, tula_peiwa, alexwearspants or bagheera_san, okay? Particularly criticism, if you say nothing, we'll assume you're fine with the rules as is.

Mod announcement & new beginnings

I know that right now you're staring at this post on your flist, wondering what this com you haven't heard of in ages was even for. Yes, it's best_enemies's official RPG development & management com, and you're probably a member because once upon a time, you thought it'd be cool to do a spot of roleplaying.

Unfortunately, we never got to the actual playing, and this game has been stuck in the development stage ever since... last summer. But, hold on to your seats, ladies and gentlebeings, things will happen again. In the next days and weeks you can expect things like: a post on gaming rules, an actual backstory for our characters, a new round of apps, a trial run for playing with our new rules in Bianca's (which will otherwise stay our happy fun no rules space), and the start of the game!

New Mod Team

First of all, though, I have the pleasure of announcing a new team of mods. vonquixote, who led us through the first stages of development wrangling, got too busy with real life to continue modding. Taking over from him are roachpatrol, tula_peiwa, alexwearspants and myself. We are the people you should come to from now on if you have questions, complaints or suggestions, and we'll organize and mod the actual game. In the event that you're so unhappy with us you don't even want to talk to us, or can't reach us, x_los, as head mod of the main com remains the person to go to.

This is also the point where I'd like you to think about whether you still have the time and inclination to play - if not, give us a heads-up via comments or PMs, and your character will be up for apps again.

Let's hope 2011 will be the year of much gaming fun!